A brief history

The concept of Toy Libraries originated in the 1960’s in Europe. Toy libraries were a support services for families with disabled children.

Australia’s first Toy Library (Melbourne’s Noah’s Ark) was established in 1971 and had the same focus.

The Armidale Toy Library began operating in 1979 but was officially opened in October 1980 after receiving a capital grant from DSS. As part of the Armidale District Learning Difficulties Association we loaned toys to families with children who had special needs and to isolated families and groups.

The Armidale Toy Library has been operating continuously for the past 30 years. It was originally a part of the ADLDA organization. The Toy Library is now a separate incorporated association and extends its services to the entire community.

Armidale Toy Library is the only facility of its kind within a 100km radius.

The Armidale Toy Library is now secure with the financial support we receive from the Department of Education. We now employ two part time Librarians and are able to concentrate on expanding the services provided to the community. The Library purchases new toys whenever fund are available and is always expanding the parent support resource section.

The Library also keeps tracks of customers wishes by providing customers with the opportunity to add toys to the Library’s wish list.

Today the Armidale Toy Library’s main source of support comes from the Department of Education.

With membership fees and fundraising events we are able to support the running of the Toy Library.

Our philosophy

Young children learn through play. Good quality, appropriately selected toys are resources that can stimulate all of their development.

What do we offer?

Looking for a wide variety of toys for your children without the expense of purchasing them?

Would you like to borrow toys on a fortnightly basis, return them and make a new selection?

Have you got the grandchildren for the holidays and looking for toys to keep them occupied?

Looking for educational activities to help your child with Literacy or Numeracy?

Visit the Toy Library at the Railway Station