We Have a large selection of toys available for borrowing

We have toys in all of these areas (this may help you make your toy selection):

Socio-dramatic play: dolls houses, role play toys, puppets, cooking, train sets etc.

Pre-reading: matching picture and word sets, games that promote language through discussion, sequence sets etc.

Pre-Maths and number: scales, counting frames, number boards, games that develop number recognition and that involve simple mathematical functions.

Social sciences: toys that encourage exploration and interest in the natural world, e.g.; animals sets, magnets, etc.

Music: a variety of musical instruments, cassettes or CDs.

Sensory stimulation: toys for babies to handle and explore that appeal visually, as well as through touch and sound.

Sensory motor: toys that encourage early fine motor skills and manipulation such as nesting cups, activity boards, and push- pull toys.

Perceptual: games such as dominoes, lotto, snap and memory.

Perceptual motor: toys that encourage eye/hand coordination through threading, stacking, hammering and construction.

Puzzles: our range extends from 1 piece geometric puzzles to 140 piece interlocking puzzles. We also have a range of floor puzzles with large chunky pieces.

Motor: toys which promote gross motor development – ride-ons, t-ball sets, basketball hoops, balance boards, climbing frames and rocking toys. etc.

Conceptual and abstract reasoning: fun games that encourage logical thought processes and encourages valuable social skills such as turn taking and co-operation.